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Welcome to the Adults Only Game, an online version of Truth, Kiss or Dare.

This popular card game AO!™ can now be played online for 2 to 10 Adults ready to have some sexy fun and all for free!

The game is called AO!™ which is the acronym of Adults Only!

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New Card category added: The AO! Card.
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Playing the Game
A player's name is selected at random and they are presented with an AO! card. If the challenge is completed, points are then awarded. The sexier  the challenge, the more points are  awarded!

Every AO!™ card is uniquely designed to the players sex for greater fun and cheekiness!

The conclusion of the game is when the first player reaches 30 points (demo version only) and then is declared the winner!

When you become a member, you will have the ability to create your own customised AO!™ cards, plus set the winner's target from 20-100 points, to ensure maximum and extended fun!

Enter all the player's forename's and their sex in the form below to play online right now, for a full free demo game:
Winners Target Score:  
All players are consenting Adults of age 18+ and agree Terms and Conditions of use of the AO!™ game and this website.
Members Functions
Slow warm up More truth cards at start
Straight to fun Random cards from the start.
Now sit down, in a circle with opposite sex to the left and right of you and enjoy AO!™ the online version of Truth, Kiss or Dare!!

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Players On-line Game Console

Members On-line Card Editor Console

Players On-line Game Console

Members On-line Card Editor Console

Playing the AO!™ cards, you'll share intimate, pleasurable, fun you've never experienced before! There are opportunities to be creative, playful, passionate and very naughty...sometimes all at once!
The exciting intimate activities are a catalyst for you to learn pleasure and be pleasured, grow closer and enjoy each other! AO!™ is a new way to experience each other...your friends...your lovers...every time you play!


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